Frequently Asked Questions
2 March 2017

Hello! Below is a list of frequently asked questions and problems. Take a look to see if what you need to know is there, and if it’s not, please send us a message and we’ll help out as soon as possible!


  1. General Questions, How to Sign Up, and Membership
  2. Timetabling and Sessions
  3. The Language Buddies Program
  4. Getting in Contact

1. General Questions, How to Sign up, and Membership

What is the LEC and what does it do?
The Language Exchange Club (LEC) is a student-run, non-for-profit club that provides a social language learning platform for second language learners, from beginner all the way up to advanced or fluent. We run weekly language classes, as well as a Language Buddies program (see below) and many social events!

Okay, so what languages do you run classes for?
We run classes in Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

Sounds great! How do I sign up to the LEC?
To join the LEC, simply come to any one of our language classes, and we’ll help you out.

So how much is membership, and what do I get?
Membership is $5 for the whole year, and gets you unlimited entry to all our classes, as well as discounted or free entry to our social events, and allows you to join our Language Buddies program. We think it’s a pretty good deal (though we are a little biased)!

2. Timetabling and Classes

When will the timetable for language classes be released?
It’s here! Check it out on our Facebook profile or on our Instagram. Alternatively, see this link for a digital Google Calendar, which is regularly updated with class times and other events:

Make sure to check out the Events tab on our Facebook page to see all our upcoming social events and parties, too!

And how long, and where, are your classes?
We will aim for our classes run for 60–90 minutes (1–1.5 hours), conditional on whether we can get rooms for that long! For locations, check the timetable.

1.5 hours is a long time… what exactly happens in those classes?
In Semester 1 2017, we’re trialling a guideline curriculum for our classes to follow, which means that each class has a mix of grammar, vocabulary and activities! All classes are run by Hosts, who are native or fluent speakers of the language being taught.

Oh, and there’s also free food, which we know sweetens the deal!

3. The Language Buddies Program

What is that Language Buddies program you keep on talking about?
In our Language Buddies program, we match you with a learning partner who speaks fluently the language you’re learning, and is learning a language you speak fluently!

For example, if you want to learn Japanese, and you speak English natively, we’ll pair you up with someone who speaks Japanese natively and wants to learn English! That way, both of you get to practice a foreign language with a native speaker, all while making new friends. Sounds pretty great, huh?

That sounds good, too! How do I sign up for the Language Buddies Program?
On the same form used to sign up for the LEC itself, there’s an option to sign up for the Language Buddies program, too. Similarly to joining the LEC, all you’ve got to do is come to one of our classes or events and we’ll help you out.

4. Getting in Contact

What’s the best way to get in contact?
You can either message us on Facebook or Instagram, or get in touch using the contact details on our About tab on our Facebook page!

Okay, but you guys have an office?
We don’t have an office, unfortunately. But we love meeting our members, so come along to our sessions and you’ll be certain to see a committee member there!

I have another question that’s not here…
Send us a message, or an email, and we’ll help you out!